To have a top performing team, you need the right people with the right skills and tools, and the knowledge how to use them effectively and efficiently. How do you ensure you have all of it in place?


Consultants in Corporate Innovation and Chris M. King are proud to present the




  • 3.5 months of accelerated learning
  • Individual and team development coaching focused on immediate business results
  • The world-renowned Harrison Assessment is used to provide strength-based, analytically-sound information on work preferences under ideal and stress-related situations
  • Team effectiveness and individual relationships are impacted in meaningful and sustainable ways
  • Individual and group coaching is included


  • Increased team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maximize individual team member strengths
  • Increase employee engagement and retention
  • Decrease work-related stress
  • Increase in leadership capabilities
  • Improve team communication and cooperation
  • Increase ability to adjust to changing conditions, avoid errors, and compensate for mistakes
  • Release victim mentality, blame, and judgments


  • A unique and organic experience – this is not a templated solution
  • Team members will gain an increased understand of themselves and each other
  • Leaders can better manage their staff – and create leaders out of them
  • Sustainable changes that have exponential benefits and effects
  • An increase in ownership and accountability from all team members and the team as a whole
  • Create a culture and habits of empowerment and high-performance
  • More energy to perform during the day, and after the day is done
  • Success that can be sustained and even transferred to other teams, divisions, departments, and department heads
  • FUN!